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The Mysterious San Luis Valley Bigfoot 1996

Culled from the many articles written by Colorado author Christopher O'Brien I found this interesting excerpt published in CyberWest Magazine, March 11, 1996 titled: "The Mysterious San Luis Valley Bigfoot" - - O'Brien's book by the same name.

O'Brien wrote: "Over the course of my investigation into the odd occurrences in this valley, I have stumbled onto rumors and legends of Bigfoot-type creatures that have circulated here since the 19th century. "
"Until now I have never uncovered what I consider to be a documented sighting of these elusive creatures. According to local Colorado law enforcement here in the San Luis Valley, during the last half of the last week in December 1993 and the first half of the first week of January 1994 there were seven reported Bigfoot encounters in a 7-square mile area in the northern New Mexico portion of the San Luis Valley."
"These encounters include a trucker spotting and reporting a large, hairy creature seen near the highway, a sighting of an extremely rare white Bigfoot, another sighting of a sasquatch that appeared to be "stalking a herd of elk," and an encounter with a large two-footed creature that ran right by a ranch house and allegedly tossed a dog over a 6-foot high fence."
On Dec. 31, 1993, two sets of tracks were discovered by chance in a remote area and reported to authorities. Videotape was taken by a law enforcement official of these tracks (one 21 inches in length, the other 18 inches) descending over a variety of terrain snow, mud and rocks, side-by-side for several hundred yards down a steep cow path. Several of the tracks were pristine, even showing "toe-nail marks." [not claws]
During this seven-day time period a "high-strangeness" report was filed to authorities by a distraught mother and son. The two claimed to have been driving back from the mountains at dusk when they rounded a curve in the road and came face-to-face with what they described as a tall, dark, hairy creature with large pointed ears and large glowing eyes. According to their account, as related by the sheriff, the creature did not resemble a bear, it had "long arms that dangled well below its knees."
Not knowing quite what to do, they put the car in reverse and tried to turn around. This evidently scared the creature which "dropped down on all fours and ran away like a dog!" [If that is true, is this the first report of a Sasquatch dropping down on all fours like a dog rather than a knuckle-walker? A bear with pointed ears?] Both witnesses were very shaken by their close encounter which was taken seriously by local law enforcement who mounted an extensive and lengthy search that turned up nothing.
Strange creatures have been seen for many years in the San Luis Valley, which is in Costilla County, Colorado and borders northeastern New Mexico. One story even claimed two individuals in the 1960's found a "platypus" in a high mountain lake in the Blanca Peaks area of Colorado, and Christopher O'Brien wrote about it in his book, "The Mysterious Valley."

CyberWest Magazine, March 11, 1996
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About the author:
Christopher O'Brien attended college in New York City from 1975-1980 where he was a mass communication major specializing in audio/video and film production. In 1989 he moved to the San Luis Valley, in south-central Colorado where he was hired as a consultant and production coordinator for KHVT-TV, an independent San Luis Valley communications company.

In 1992, he began a private investigation of unusual documented events in the SLV which resulted in his book for St. Martin's Press, The Mysterious Valley (September 1996). His investigation into the documented history of UFOs, unusual animal deaths, Native American legends, cryptozoology, secret military activity and the folklore in the world's largest alpine valley has already captured world-wide interest.

Since 1993, he has written articles for Fate, UFO Universe, Leading Edge, Cyberwest, the Crestone Eagle and Phenomena. His investigation and research have been featured in the Denver Post, Pueblo Chieftain, New Mexican, Rocky Mountain News, Albuquerque Journal, Deseret News and Spirit Magazine. He's appeared on hundreds of regional and national radio stations.

O'Brien has also helped develop, field-produce, supply footage and appeared in four segments of the syndicated Paramount television program Sightings, and appeared on Inside Edition, UFOAZ, KRDO News, KKTV Mid-Day. He was featured in the TBS documentary "UFO: The Investigators" (air date: Jan. 19, 1997). He is producing and directing segments of the nationally syndicated paranormal-news television program "Strange Universe," and is a guest lecturer at Adams State College.

O'Brien is a fine-furniture maker and builds alternative homes out of straw bales and other renewable materials. He makes his home in Crestone, Colorado, where he is writing his next book, "Saucer Full of Secrets: Inside the Mysterious Valley.
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