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Colorado, San Isabel National Forest  

We were on a forest service road with small mountains on both sides and a small stream right off of the road. My father and I were in our truck turning a slight corner on a forest service road. When the headlights came around they reflected off of something standing near a tree. We both seen the bright orange and looked in that direction. It was still dark, so we only had the light of the headlights.

I saw the shape of a head and very broad and thick shoulders (it was near freezing, and no campsites were around.)

The figure that I saw turned towards the stream. After that we had driven past the area were it was standing. I asked my dad, "Did you see what I think I just saw?" He told me that the hairs on the back of his neck were standing up.

We stopped a little further down the road to talk about it. I wanted to make sure that we both thought that it was a Bigfoot. So we both wrote down what we thought it was. We both wrote Bigfoot. When daylight came we went back to the spot to look for any signs of a Bigfoot, or to see if we were mistaken. All that we found was a large rock out of place near what could have been a footprint.

Creature description: Its eyes were like that of nocturnal animals due to the glow that we saw. It had a very large head and brood shoulders. It was larger than any normal man. It was dark outside so I couldn't see any fine details.

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Story received by Bobbie Short September 2, 2000

The San Isabel National Forest consists of over one million acres of mountains, rivers, canyons and meadows. The forest is bounded on the west and north by the Continental Divide and on the east by the Pike National Forest, Colorado...

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