1993 - San Bernardino Mountains, Barton Flats campground

This happened in the San Bernardino Mountains, California at the Barton Flats Campground, which is southwest of Big Bear Lake and I think it was off Hwy 26.

I was sleeping in my van and my two friends were sleeping in a tent about 15 feet away. I couldn't get to sleep and I heard something walking around outside. I could hear snoring coming from the direction of the tent and when I peaked out the window, I couldn't see anything. I started to get up and all of a sudden, the van started rocking violently back and forth and I was thrown from side to side. I yelled real loud and the shaking stopped.

My friends called from the tent and asked what the problem was and at that point, I grabbed my flashlight and pulled back the curtains covering the back window and shined the flashlight outside.

A figure moved towards the left and I could see it was walking upright like a man but it had hair from head to toe and in a second I saw it walk past the front windshield and head into the forest. I pulled open the side door and jumped out yelling for my friends to get up.

It smelled really bad, like a cesspool, around our campsite and I was badly shaken. We started a fire and talked about what had just happened and I learned that something had been tossing pebbles into the top of the tent and they thought it was me and then something had brushed up against the back of the tent and they also thought it was me. But after I told them about the van shaking, they swore it wasn't them and we decided to pack up and head home early. Later, I remembered seeing a pair of yellowish eyes through the trees after we had first arrived but I they disappeared almost immediately and I figured it was just a deer or something to that effect.

I live in Redmond, Washington. I am currently seeking others in my area that might have an interested in Bigfoot and I would like to participate in an organized search. I have already done a few searches on my own in the North Bend area and I have spoken with some locals that swear they or someone they know has sighted Bigfoot.

Posted and investigated by Scott McNabb;
Witness report submitted by Brian Francis Butler on 10-23-97

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