Bigfoot Encounters

Willamette National Forest
Salt Creek Falls, Lane County, Oregon 1975

Salt Creek Falls, 1975

This happened thirty years ago at age five. While camping with my sister and parents at Salt Creek Falls, Oregon on Highway 58 just past the tunnel, a large being sat down in our camp site and ate some chicken out of bucket we'd left out.

This was in the middle of the night. My parents were sleeping in a nearby tent and my sister and I were on cots out in the open. As I said I was five years old and my sister was ten.

The next morning my sister and I were out exploring and playing on the lava flows. Something scared my sister and she pushed me down and ran. I suffered a gash to the side of my head.

Someone or something picked me up and carried me like a baby. He or it carried me back to the campsite and placed me on my cot. My parents weren't there and when they came back from looking for me, they asked my how I found my way back. I told them a bear carried me back. I told them that he or it walked, carrying me in its arms. I remember that it was all hairy and wore no clothes. It looked like the same thing that was eating the chicken the night before.

Haven't seen anything like this since.
I leave it to you but (looking back) I think it was a Big Foot.
Maybe it would be worthwhile to check out the area for other sightings.

Thanks, Jana M.
- ---
Unfortunately, it happened too many years ago to check out the area...

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