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A Child and Bigfoot 1940's
Salmon River, Idaho County, Idaho during the 1940's...

When I was growing up in Idaho during the 1940’s, my father had a ranch in the Salmon River Region. We did not live there, but we went up to the ranch every week flying into the Salmon River Airport in dad’s airplane.

He had a man named Hiram with a horse and a German Shepard who cared for the ranch and livestock. While business was being taken care of by the men, I was very bored. I would explore the ranch area all day.

I found a place on the ranch where a spring ran through. The trees were tall and there was a lot of brush. It was my little haven and secret place.

One day while there, I heard a noise in the brush and was startled to see a huge creature venture out toward me. At first I was frightened, thinking it is was a bear. As the creature came closer, I felt it was trying to calm and reassure me that I was not in any danger.

The creature acted like a female with a motherly attitude. I felt comfortable with her. We sat on a log and she held my hand placing her gentle hand on my knee. I talked to her and she responded with low deep tones and nods of understanding.

After about thirty minutes or so, another creature appeared and seemed angry. My new friend stood up and sneered at the other one and put him in his place. He must have been a male; I assumed he was her mate. He would always be there after that, but would stay back and sort of brood.

I went back to my haven every time we visited the ranch and always met both of them there. Once the female brought a young creature there for me to meet. I felt it must have been an offspring of hers.

My parents sold the ranch in the early 1950’s and I have never been back. I never did have a chance to say goodbye to my friends, which I would like to have done. I told my mother about my friends, but she did not believe a word of my story. She marveled at my imagination, but suggested I stop making up stories like that. I never mentioned the subject again.

My friends stood about seven to eight feet tall and the younger one about five feet. The male seemed a bit taller than the female. They had long stringy looking hair over their whole bodies. Their color was a dirty off white with darker hair on the more exposed areas. They both had flat faces with dark squinty eyes. When the male acted irrate, his eyes burned black and larger. He actually would strut around trying to show that he was tough and in charge but the female always kept him under control and made him act more gently toward me.

I had never heard of bigfoot or yeti as a child, but now I know who my friends were. They will always be a part of my childhood and remembered dearly. They were not the imagination of a child, because I talked and visited with them on a regular basis.

I’m sure their off spring are still in the primitive areas of Idaho, living as nature intended.

Connie Bergh-Muller
Fort Kent, Maine
Published in Fate Magazine October 2004

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