Along the Salmon River in Idaho
Rock Hurling, ...Sasquatch?

Bill Meszaros wanted to share this interesting story.

"A couple of good friends were bringing plants from the rough and mountainous terrain along the Salmon River in Idaho.

It was about two in the morning and they were paddling out by moonlight.

Suddenly there were splashes ahead of them and to the left. They looked towards shore for the source of these splashes and saw a large manlike shadow hurling what they thought was large boulders at them.

They paddled on.

Upon reaching the point where their two other pals were to pick them up, they found them both fast asleep and really groggy upon being awakened.

The two paddlers thought these guys were playing a trick. It was not the case.

So, who or what do you think would be hurling rocks into the river at two a.m.?

I have a good guess."

Bill Meszaros

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Story Filed August 2001

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