Bigfoot Encounters

Putnum County, Indiana
April 2007

Putnum and Parke Counties in west central Indiana has been an area that has had numerous sasquatch reports for many years. This area is farmland, rough backcountry and enough natural food to support an animal such as a Bigfoot or should I say many Bigfoots.

The area around Clinton Falls has had several sightings. A man was mushroom hunting in the woodlands behind his home like he does every spring, and every spring he gets run out of one area in particular. He told me as he gets closer to this area he always has the feeling that he is being watched and he always hears footsteps just far enough away he can not see who it is. He gets so intimidated when he goes into this area that he says," every hair on the back of my neck stands up".  And by this time whatever it is starts throwing rocks at him and into the nearby lake.  That does it… he leaves the area right  away and after he does leave the area he always wonders why did I leave? He said that it is not a person because it hides to well. He watched a program with his wife about bigfoot on the discovery channel and during the show they played several audio recordings of what are supposed to be sasquatch screams. One night after he returned from the area his wife walked into the house from outside with a weird look on her face. When he asked her what was wrong she said that she just heard a scream from the woods behind their home that sounded just like the screams that they heard during the Bigfoot program that was on TV. Next spring he said that he would take me to this area because he did not want to go alone again. I told him I had no problem walking into this area.

Larry Battson
Wildlife Educational Services, Inc.

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