Bigfoot Encounters

Pueblo County Sighting, Colorado
Summer 2005
Pueblo County Colorado July 11, 2005 

Outdoorsman-hunter Peter Ray Williams reported that he was traveling northbound on Colorado 96 passed Wetmore in route to Florence when he blew a right rear tire on his truck. He stopped to change the tire; just a few yards short of the right (east) turn to CR-389 it was about 7:50pm in the evening.

Williams stated that as he was putting on the spare and dumping the blown tire in the bed of the truck when something caught his attention up the road to his right.  "I looked up and was shocked to see two bigfoot looking creatures cross the road from east to west in about 3-4 steps and disappear into an open field in setting sun shadows on the other side."   He swears he heard them talking in a frantic kind of nattering, "I looked up because I thought what I was hearing was men arguing, just that quick, they were there walking across the road, I heard the these sounds, maybe talking angrily, then they were gone." Williams figures they were either fleeing the fire line off to north, northeast or were confused or displaced.

He finished the tire job and drove over to the side of the road where the two left the road but found nothing. Williams said they were black, both of them, one taller than the other and the bigger one wasn't looking where it was going, but looking at the other bigfoot with arms straight down at his sides and the other one was gesturing, not wildly, just gesturing with its hands about something. "Maybe," he said, "they were arguing, but they carried on like people do on their way to somewheres, it was really wild seeing my first bigfoot sighting."

"I don't know if it was male or female, as fast as my eyes adjusted to the scene, they were gone, man they move, but they weren't running!"

"We saw a couple of deer cross road 96 earlier. There was a wildfire burning off in the distance, somewhere towards the east."

William's step-daughter, Leslie Ann Cole-Marshall, formerly of Cokedale near Trinidad, Co was also witness to the event; she was inside the cab of the truck, caring for a baby.

In a telephone interview, Mrs. Marshall said she thought they both were better than 8 feet in height and thought they must both be males. She didn't hear any sounds from them, she wasn't outside the truck, but she did hear Pete yelling at her to look at the  bigfeet crossing the road. "I already saw them by the time Pete started yelling at me," she said, "I saw them coming but thought I was seeing things, yeah, this is like not a real happening, who would believe this? They were both big males, I mean like two BIG dudes."

Mrs. Marshall thought they crossed the road in about two steps. "Something like this, unexpected, left me speechless, we sat there in the truck for awhile and just stared off into space; I don't know about Pete, but I don't know how to process these things, it happens so fast, it's kind of surreal and like what was THAT?"

Peter Ray Williams Interview w/Bobbie Short, 2005

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