Bigfoot Encounters

Sighting: Platte County, Missouri
July 3, 2012

At approximately 0530-0600 on 07/03/2012 my buddy and I were on our way to work.  As we were getting ready to pull into the parking lot across the street in the heavily wooded area across the street from our office, I observed a very large hairy creature walking along the tree line.  I immediately stopped the truck and stared in utter disbelief at what appeared to be a Sasquatch.  Before I could say anything to my friend he yelled "holy crap is that a Big Foot?

When I stopped my truck the creature took notice to us and ran into the tree line and disappeared.  We discussed what we saw for a few minutes and both agreed that what we had seen was defiantly a Sasquatch. 

After our discussion we decided to look for the animal and searched the tree line for any tracks or evidence of what we had saw but found nothing.  I am positive that we saw a Sasquatch.  Attached is the street name and aerial photo of where the sighting occurred.

The county is Platte, it is on the outskirts of Jackson County and at the boundary pretty much for Kansas City.  As for what the Sasquatch was doing it was just walking along the tree line.  It wasn’t at all threatening just kind of minding its own business.  On the other side of the finger which you can see from the picture is some farm land.  So maybe going from a food source to a nearby river??? 

Not really sure what they eat but it is a corn field right now (July 2012).  The acreage behind the corn field butts up to a large county park where we are pretty sure the Sasquatch lives.  Between the crops and animals in the area I am sure there is plenty of food for this creature to sustain itself with, and ample acreage for it to go unnoticed. 

The Missouri River isn’t very far away and could possibly use the river to travel by. I hope this is helpful, If you are to post our findings please don’t post my name or email address

Thank you, A.
Kansas City, Missouri - July 2012

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