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Encounter at Prong Pond nearby Moosehead Lake
Piscataquis County, Maine 1995

I have been a skeptic most of my life. But I know what I experienced back in 1995. The encounter of what I believe may have been a sasquatch occurred at a small tributary pond next to Moosehead Lake called Prong Pond.

My father and I along with a close friend decided to give the small pond a shot at fishing since the smallmouth bass population was doing well. There was only one road into the pond which ended at the only boat launch.

The shoreline of the lake was undeveloped and very heavily wooded giving the pond a very secretive and eerie appearance. Once we set up camp at the boat launch we got underway paddling to the other side of the pond to do some fishing.

We were fishing for maybe a half hour when we all experienced a cry coming from the shoreline which appeared fairly close but could not pinpoint an exact location because of heavy fir boughs. At first I had thought it was a bird of prey of some sort then the screams took on a more human form sounding like a laughing hyena and they were very powerful.

We continued to fish but wondering what the hell was crying like that.  When the sun dipped below the horizon we set back to camp, had dinner and talked for a bit around a campfire. My dad had mentioned that a good fishing guide friend some years back had told him that he was fishing the same pond and was close to the location where we had been that day and saw a huge hairy creature stooping on the shoreline watching him inquisitively, then the creature knew that he had noticed it and stood up and turned to exit in the firs behind him banging its head on a limb.

My dad's friend being startled and kind of creeped out waited for a bit before pulling the canoe onto the shore. He measured the height of the branch that the creature had banged its head on and it measured around 8 feet tall. He was pretty daring cause you could have never have gotten me to ever pull my canoe up on the shore anywhere near that thing. Having heard my father's story raised the hairs on my arms. We eventually turned in and though I was a little nervous I dozed off fairly quickly. Around what I supposed to be about 2 in the morning I was jolted out of my sleep by a horrendous scream out in the woods to the left of the tent. The scream was similar to the screams we had heard earlier. I asked my dad and friend if they heard it. They said they had been up for a bit listening to it. The screams went on for awhile then stopped, starting again sounding further away.....this went on for most of the night till morning came and we decided to pack up and leave which I believe was a wise choice.

February 24, 2010 11:40 PM

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