Bigfoot Encounters

Ouachita County, Arkansas 1940's

I am 75 yrs. old; …I was raised in County of Ouachita in Arkansas.

We use hear Bigfoots during winter time. Dad says they were panthers. Till Dad and his brother saw 5 Bigfoots in pool water in river bottom. My uncle never got over the shock and would not go into woods again. Dad said they were ugly and females (3) had breasts that hung down to here, pointing to his body.  

I recall laying in that broad shack it was cold listening to them scream and scream they did a lot.

When I was all of 5 yrs. my old Dad was out running trap line and doing some farming in the summer time. It was at this time that our canned goods began to go missing from our smokehouse; one time whole smoked ham disappeared. We could not figure out who was taking the food. My Dad told mother he thought someone or some thing was following him when he was out running his trap-lines.

One day he spotted someone. The little fellow was about 4 1/2 feet tall with hair all over him; it also had a hump back and was very ugly in face which had facial hair. Dad began talking and leaving food for the little fellow. It wasn't long before when my Dad would go into the woods and holler, the little guy would suddenly appear. We named him “LITTLE SAM,” which was a name my grandpa had. Nobody knew about Little Sam outside of our family.  All those years Dad was in touch with Little Sam, I only saw him two times in my childhood.

After I got married and moved to Oklahoma my Mother wrote and told me about Dad and Little Sam saying that they had not seen Little Sam in some time but they went looking for him and found him dead. When I was reading the letter, I started to cry; it was very sad. Little Sam never uttered a word that I heard about, but he grunted.

E. C. Perry
Saturday, September 19, 2009 3:09 PM

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