Bigfoot Encounters

The Legend of Ohio's Orange-eyed Creature


Old orange eyes was allegedly an 11 foot tall 1,000 pound bigfoot creature that is said to live in Central Ohio on a lonely road called Lover's Lane where it stalked teenagers.

The orange eyes creature first gained notice on March 28, 1959 when three teenagers observed a huge hairy orange monster rise from a ground fog at Charles, Mill Reservoir, near Mansfied. Then 4 years later the beast appeared again and this time it was witnessed by several people.

Scientists were not sure where this creature lived, but it is assumed that the beast might have lived in a tunnel in Cleveland's Riverside where it lived in peace for more than twenty-five years. Then suddenly in the 1940's and 1960's highway construction destroyed the tunnel that orange eyes was alleged to be living in, forcing the creature to live in a stretch of forest behind the Cleveland Zoo. Finally a group of teenagers invaded the creatures habitat on April 22, 1968 and chased the creature armed with baseball bats, flashlights, and ropes went into the forest to try to capture kill the creature but they found no sign of the beast.

June 1991 "old orange eyes" appeared again and this time the beast ran past two people fishing near Willis Creek scaring the daylights out them before disppearing. It was said the way to find this creature was on Ruggles Road near Blue Bridge and if the creature was there, it would appear curious.

Witneses of the orange eyed creature say that there is no monster just some crazy hermit or trademark feature by nailing two round orange bike reflectors to a stick or teenagers using christmas tree lights, flashlights to frightenen one another.

Courtesy Andy Ramirez Saturday, June 23, 2001 10:38 AM
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This sounds like an urban legend and it may also remind you of the "Bighead" report from Richland County, Ohio....vintage 1978.

You can check the similarities on Ron Schaffner's Creature Chronicles website

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