Bigfoot Encounters

Encounter on an Indian Reservation, 1975

My name is Cheryl, a Mohawk Indian who grew up on the Onondaga Indian Reservation. I'll never forget when my cousin and I saw Bigfoot. We were both eleven years old on March 11, 1975 at 11:00 am. We left my aunt's house that morning and decided to cut through the woods thinking it would be safer than two young girls walking along the road. Throughout our walk it seemed that we were being watched. We finally arrived at the halfway point of our journey when we reached the local abandoned gravel pits. I slid down the embankment first and my cousin followed. I started to play on the frozen mudpuddle when she started to climb back up the hill to retrieve her glove. She called for me to come near her, but didn't right away until finally her persistence frightened me.

She grabbed me close and said, "a big black arm just tried to grab me". Thinking that maybe a hunter had followed us, or even a black man was lurking in the woods frightened us enough to make a run for the road. As we got to the road we both saw this big figure walk through some 6-8 foot sumac trees. It's head and shoulders were over the tops of the trees and we could imagine how it could have traveled to the other side of the pit which was at least 150 feet from where she first saw the arm.

We ran the rest of the way home, and told our family we had seen Sasquatch. Of course everyone laughed at us. As the years past by, and we told the exact same story, our families believe us now. Looking back, I have concluded that Bigfoot was heading towards an underground cave that is sacred to the Onondaga. I believe that this cave connects other Indian reservations by underground channels. Indian legends tell stories that Bigfoot is a spirit that protects the Indians. That is probably why no one has ever found any proof of his existence.

I have had many dreams about Bigfoot, where he comes back with others like him. Their calls are frightening. When I walk in the woods I am afraid that I will see him again. I wonder if I saw him because if the world ever ends, I have dreamt that will be the one to lead my people underground until the earth heals itself from all the destruction that is forecasted. It is forecasted that other earth is consumed in flames to cleanse herself, the Indian will come up from underground to begin life again. Hoping that this story will stand out from all others that you have or will receive.

© Shannon Nicholas and Junior Tremblay
Source: Kyle Mizokami,
Date: September 23, 1997 6:03 PM

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