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Bigfoot Watches Snowmobilers in Gifford Pinchot National Forest

This happened some ten or twelve years ago, roughly 1995 or so; the guy wasn't a researcher, just an ardent, dyed in the wool snowmobiler. This fellow's name was “Garcia,” he lived in Beaverton, Oregon, an area near Portland.

Seems he and some of his buddies were up in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest doing what snowmobilers do -- playing chase, trying to ditch or lose your chasers. Garcia was way out in front of his pursuers, trying to lose them. He turned up a spur road into an untouched snow area, thinking his buddies would miss where he turned.

This spur only went about 200 yards into an old landing site, with the road ending right at the timbers edge. Garcia’s plan was to go up into the old unit, get out of site of the main road, make a big swing through the old unit then when his buddies past, he planned to come down and get in behind them before they noticed.

WRONG, it didn’t work out that way, - when he tore up into the unit and started to make his turn at the old landing, standing at the end of the road, just outside the timber was a large bigfoot watching him. Garcia panicked and in his fright he flopped his snowmobile. In his panic state, between trying to right his ride and watch his observer, who was just standing watching this scared human floundering around in new snow must have been a sight to behold.

Anyway, when the bigfoot had seen enough, it just turned and walked back into the timber, much to Garcia’s relief. He finally got his snowmobile back onto it's bottom side down and met up with his buddies and told them the story, which they checked out without Garcia.

For his part, Garcia went back to the parking area, loaded up, went home and sold his outfit and moved back to California.

After I heard about this from a neighbor of Garcia’s, I told Peter Byrne and at Peter B's request I tried to contact Garcia but he was long gone and where in California he went wasn't known.

This guy was scared half out of his skin; his neighbor was a landscape contractor I knew told me about Garcia’s adventure a year or two after it happened. He said after Garcia got back, sold his outfit and moved, he was never the same and couldn’t get out of the northwest quick enough.

To bad more re-transplant Callies don't have a similar experience, maybe we could lose or slow down this rapid growth we're staggering under. LOL
Cliff Olson, Oregon City, Oregon (OlyJeep)
Wed Jan 18, 2006

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