Bigfoot Encounters

Old Texas Weird Sound Stories

I used to hunt a property in Texas close to Ranger Mountain. It was very rugged and had thick brush and steep canyons. Anyway, the land owner told me when he was in High School around 1968 or 69, he and a friend of his were deer hunting one evening and both had decided to meet after dark on a dirt road to head back to there vehicle.

He told me they met and were about leave when they heard what he said was a blood curdling scream very close to them. He said they just started running and got out of there. I have been told another time when some else heard this scary scream at night also when I was living in Texas. The people thought is was a mountain lion that sounded like a woman screaming.

I also used to hunt on some property close to Lake Whitney. This was owned by the Army Corps of Engineers. I was speaking to a lady one day walking her dog on a road and I started talking to her to find out where some good hunting might be since she was a local.

I asked her if there were any mountain lions around there and she told me that one time she thought there was one coming around at night and would dig into some compost piles to get dead fish remains. She told me all the dogs in the area would be scared when this thing was around and would not make a sound. She said normally they would bark at night. I asked her this because in all my years in the woods I have never seen so many skeletons of dead carnivores in the woods. I found dead bobcat bones and skulls, coyotes, and dogs. It was weird to me to find so many bones that did not belong to animals like deer or rabbits. This may not be anything but I thought I would send it in.

There is one more experience I had when I was in Wyoming in the Medicine Bow National Forest. I was fishing one morning very early at the far end of a reservoir. I was catching some good brown trout. I kept getting this feeling that I was being watched from behind in the thick tree line. Every now and then I would glace back to make sure nothing was coming. I have very bad hearing and did not have hearing aids at the time. But I heard a huge branch snap from inside the tree line. It had to be big because I have about 50% hearing loss. I thought that it was an elk because the sound was so loud, anyway I looked back but could not see anything, I just thought that whatever was watching me decided to move on. I normally check that kind of stuff out by going into the woods and finding the source, but I guess I was a little scared because I did not have a gun with me. Good Luck I hope this helps.

Laurie and Mario Perez
Saturday, December 14, 2002 9:02 PM

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