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Nighthawk, Okanogan County, Washington 1944

Rummaging around in old files, I found this one unusual report about "fighting" from a man by the name of George Brusseau who claimed his grandfather Elliott told him about an encounter with two sasquatch due west of Nighthawk, Washington off what is now Log Camp Road, (or near there) ...this was during the war, 1944; when the giants would come down across the border from Canada in late summer.

”Grandfather Elliott was on leave from the South Pacific, hunting with some old buddies for fresh meat, which was rationed during wartime. They hoped for a deer but would settle for a rabbit or a couple of wood hens whichever came first when they happened on a terrible ruckus. They saw two big hairy males, each with their hands clasped together in club fashion, using them as weapons on one another; swinging their arms and clasped hands with full force knocking the other down until both were on the ground trying to get to their feet. They were making groaning sounds, not screaming, just sounds of intense effort being launch at the other with each swing. The object of the disagreement appeared to be a dead deer where at one point the bigger sasquatch (approx 7' tall or better) picked it up and swung the dead deer full force into the side of the face of the other hairy one who was probably six and a half feet tall, felling him to the ground. He didn't move, he laid there, his chest heaving. The other big foot stared down at him for a few minutes, as if waiting for the fallen one to get up, then as the downed hairy one tried to get back to his feet, the winner took the deer and headed off into the trees. The dust settled and the other one got to his feet and trailed after the other one. It was all over in a few minutes.” 

Brusseau’s grandfather said there were other stories from the area, but none so violent or as terrifying to watch as this one. Brusseau said his grandfather remembered hearing about those big men that would come down from Canada and dive in for lunker bass around Palmer Lake, especially when the bass was spawning.  That is all I remember of his sightings.

GB Washington State 1995

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