Bigfoot Encounters

Algonquin Provincial Park, Tamisk Ontario Canada

Oct 14 2010 Roadside video

Hello My Name Is Nik from Tamisk Ontario Canada

On Oct 14, 2010 we were leaving Algonquin Provincial Park in the morning from a 4 day canoe trip. We had purchased a Gopro cam for the trip, its small water tight and easy.  We left Kiosk at 9 am it warm and sunny.

I decide to put the suction cup and camera on the bumper and shoot the passengers view home. Making our way back to highway 17 we got slightly lost and ended up heading back south for a small piece of road. 

Later in viewing on the big screen at home my wife pointed out a figure that stood up in the ditch as we passed by. What stands is something other than a deer, bear, or log it defiantly looks at us as we pass by, spooky. We have gone back to that spot and looked and it has got to be the size of a very big man or a bit larger. I am now a believer.

There have been rumors circulating amongst some of the locals on he Quebec side of 17 that they have seen something in the mornings running down River hill Rd. that leads to the north. I took my memory card to a video production guy in North Bay, he charged me $150.00 to brighten and zoom on the video for some still pictures as well he shortened the video because he said it was really long, 2.5 hour file of the ride home. You are the experts, you decide.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011 7:29 PM

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