Bigfoot Encounters

Nguoi Rung, Vietnamese Wildman

Dear Bobbie,

In Vietnamese language, "Nguoi Rung" means "Jungle Man." I wonder where is the area your Viet Vet has met "Nguoi Rung," so can you give me more information about the story that this Vet has told to you?

In our country, I heard the rumor that one another "Nguoi Rung" had been captured "by the US Army in war and they had carried him to America by helicopter for the scientific purpose!"

Now, in the same area that the American soldiers have met "Nguoi Rung" (Sa Thay, Kontum Province, near the frontier with Cambodia and Laos), some Vietnamese frontier-guards said that they have met some "Nguoi Rung" too.

I heard that the experts from The National University of Ha Noi (Ha Noi is the capital of Vietnam) have found some foot prints of "Nguoi Rung" at Sa Thay.

... And of course, they have a project to find "Nguoi Rung", like "Bigfoot Research Project" in North America.

From: "Nguyen Huu Thien" <>
New upload, old letter 1996- Bobbie Short

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