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1978 in Navarro County, Corsicana, Texas and again
in 1986 or 1987 in Kaufman, Kaufman County, Texas

I first encountered this creature when I was 10 yrs old living with my family outside of Corsicana Texas in a remote rural area where I would walk with my dogs every day to a small pond located in the back of our property.

This one particular day I thought it was strange because the dogs refused to go with me. I went anyway. I had almost made it to the pond when I looked up and noticed this creature watching me. It was leaning with its back against a tree. I stood there and stared back at it for a while noticing its huge shoulders and height. Then I turned and ran because it appeared to take a step towards me. I looked back to see if it was chasing me and it was gone.

This creature was only an estimated 200 yards from me. I can still go back to the original place and measure the distance. It could have easily caught me if it wanted to. I ran into the house and told my mother what happened. No one believed me.

Later that year two ladies driving home from church had an encounter when one ran across the highway in front of them. The Dallas Times Herald newspaper reporters did an investigation and found tracks in the creek bottom. They made plaster casts and printed an article in the paper. I didn't see it again for a couple of years.

After that experience I really didn't go outside much unless someone else was with me. My brother experienced rocks being beaten together when he went to the pond. After telling my father he decided we should not go back to the pond area anymore. I did hear it scream and it was something I will never forget.

The area we lived in was mostly flat pasture land but there was a creek that ran in front of and beside our property called Little Rush Creek. It stayed dry most of the time. When I heard it scream it appeared to be coming from the creek area.

I did find a hair sample on a barb wire fence that separated our property. It was about 6 inches long and matted at one end. The color was orangutan red. I brought it in the house and showed it to my mother. Once again she didn't believe me. I kept it for a while but when we moved I left it behind in our old house. I wish I still had it.

When we moved we went back for our last load and decided to spend one last night in our old house. It was mid October. After feeding our dogs outside my brother went to the local store which was about 5 miles away to get something for us to eat. When she left my father decided he wanted to build a fire in the old wood stove we had. I gathered some small pieces of wood for kindling and sat down on a swing in the front yard. It was dark outside but our yard light was on. My father was chopping up the kindling in smaller pieces with a hammer and screw driver. He would occasionally miss and hit the hammer on the concrete steps.

I noticed something big running towards the back of the house. I looked for a moment to see what it was. The dogs were still eating and didn't notice anything. When I saw it move again I could see the tufts of hair move on its legs.

At that point I knew exactly what it was. I yelled at the dogs to get it because it was quickly coming around the side of the house. It was looking in the windows. My dogs barked once then seemed to get the scent and went under the house and started whining at it. I felt bad about putting them in between but had to think fast. My father didn't know what was going on. I kept calm and told him to get in the house. He asked why? I said just trust me and get in the house.

My dogs were not scared of anything except this creature. They were hunting dogs but wouldn't go near this animal. I explained what was outside and told him to call the sheriff. Instead he called the local store and asked them to send my brother home as soon as he gets there. My brother came home and said he didn't see anything but also was not told over the phone what to look for. I told my mother and dad to talk in a calm voice because it was looking through the windows at us and I didn't want to alarm it.

The curtains had been taken down when we moved so I tried to keep calm and not look out the window for fear of what I might see. This entire time the dogs outside were silent. Later that night my mother and I were asleep in her room. I woke up when the room went dark. I could see the outline of this creature looking at me through the window. It never screamed or beat on the side of the house. It never growled. It only seemed to be curious and non aggressive. I had asked my father to buy me a camera with a telescopic lens so I could take pictures of it but he never did. I wanted to prove their existence even at a very young age.

1986 or 1987 in Kaufman, Kaufman County, Texas

I also had another experience when I was living in Kaufman TX when I noticed one walking from the neighbor’s barn one morning. I could actually see the movement of the arms. It walked hunched over. I screamed at my brother to come outside and quickly grabbed the binoculars. We both saw it disappear into the woods.

This one appeared to be more aggressive. I heard it scream also along with my two brothers one night. When it screamed once again my dogs didn't utter a sound. I had two horses that I rode often. I was riding at night once when my horse got spooked. There was a full moon and I decided to ride down the road. I hadn't gone far when I noticed my horse starting to get scared. He could smell something and he eventually came to a complete stop in the road. The horse turned and I could not slow him down. This was a well seasoned horse that was a working cattle horse purchased from a ranch in Colorado. If it had been a less experienced horse I may have been thrown that night.

I don't know what scared him but did have my sighting shortly after that night. I have so many unanswered questions about this creature. I want to know why dogs that are used to hunting wild hogs or bears won’t go near this creature. Stories go back many decades describing the same creature but we still consider it undiscovered.

S. WAGGONER, September 1, 2009

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