Bigfoot Encounters

Umatilla National Forest, 3 miles from Jubilee Lake,
Mottet Campgrounds, Oregon

My name is Nicholas McCane. I grew up in Dixie, Washington and am now 23 years of age.

My story takes place about a year and a half ago. It was early August when my friends invited me to go camping for a weekend with them. The place was in the Umatilla National Forest about 3 miles past Jubilee Lake. Mottet Campgrounds is in Oregon; it's a beautiful area and plenty of places to go hiking.

Later in the evening (after eating a great meal of venison and elk and moose a friend brought, which may have very well helped get "their" attention) on the last day. It was just my friends Jordan, Josh and I still awake around the fire with a number of people sleeping around in their tents.

I was resting on a cot about five feet away from the fire and about 20 ft. away from the edge of the woods that the soon coming noise would come from. It was some where around 11:30 P.M. Jordan gets up from his chair and walks over to the edge of tree line nearest me to relieve himself. In the middle of doing so there was a sudden "growl/snorting" noise that came from about 15 yards into the trees. This was enough to cut off Jordan in "midstream," and run backwards back to the fire. Josh and I were on are feet within the blink of an eye and I without even realizing it grabbed my knife off my side. All of us pretty much at the same time started looking at each other and started to question as to weather or not we all heard the same thing and what the "F" could that have possibly been.  

We all grew up in a little town of Dixie. Only a couple of miles from being right in the Blues and we were all well aware of what kind of animals to expect having spent many nights in the mountains. We were not impaired in anyway having partied a little too hard the last few nights and having to be up early to leave the next day. After about a min. Jordan and I ran back to our tent to grab the Machete & the big flashlight. We inspect the woods as best we can from about 5 feet in. After seeing nothing right away we started smacking trees and yelling, basically making a hell of a racket in case it was a cougar or something. We figured what ever it was would run away if we made enough noise and what not. After doing that we made the fire up a bit bigger and made sure to have some branches sticking out just in case we had to throw them.  

We all calmed down after about 20 min. or so and went back to regular chit chat. A hour and 15 min. goes by when out of no where and from the same exact spot we last heard the noise we hear a "ROAR" and a sudden smashing of what sounds like large hammers on wood and tree branches violently snapping and a THUD... THUD...THUD and then complete silence. In about 6 thuds that we were able to hear,  it traveled about 35-40 yards. While this was happening we all stand back up and start screaming WTF!?! What was that?  ... So on and so forth not willing to even go near to the edge of the woods. One of the people sleeping in the tent nearest to everything comes bolting out squealing her head off and freaking out wanting to know what that was as well.  

This was enough to get the guy with the .44 out of bed and what not but by the time he was there was nothing left really he could do. A good half a hour goes by and he finally goes back to sleep as well as Kaci (the one who was sleeping nearest to the ruckus) and the three of us go back to sitting around the fire. 20 min. later we hear the sounds, like of Thud Thud Thud. Only further away in the distance and walking away. We at that point are exhausted and decide to go to sleep. It just so happens that we all were sleeping in a 4 person tent, and it just so happens that the zipper on the door was broken so it was flapping open all night and day long. 

 When we awoke the next day all three of us had about 2 to 5 pine cones around our heads. I know the door on the tent was broken but there's just no dammed way we all dragged in that many pine cones all the way by our heads.

I found a VERY large footprint outside our tent and a when examining the area where all the noise had happened the night before there were two 10' and 15' trees broken in two spots as if something had grabbed it with two hands and bent it over with ease.

From here forward I know that Bigfoot exists and although that was as scared as I've ever been in my life... I must go back in search. One day one of us who believe will get that proof we've all been searching for.    

If you have any questions or if I could help in any way just email me.   
Nick McCane

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