Bigfoot Encounters

Moreau, New York
The late 1970's or early 1980's


I am in my forties. My dad saw a Bigfoot on Nolan Rd. in Moreau, NY.

This is the account he gave, the story is second hand. To set the scene a little. The narrow road descends along a somewhat steep hill down to the Hudson River.

Where the sighting occurred, there are woods that cover a sharp incline (70 degrees?) to the right of the road and a complete drop off into more woods to the left of the road.

The creature was completely covered in dark hair and it came running (on two legs, but moving more like a bear than a man) down from the hill to the right and across the road. It then jumped feet first over the drop off to the left. I was with my dad at the time, but did not see it as I was reading in the backseat of the car. He told me to look, but it was gone before I could see it.

We followed the road down around the corner to come out by the river and looked into the woods from our car to hopefully see it again, but we couldn't see anything. We decided not to get out of the car and went home after looking for a time of sighting was about two seconds or so.

We never mentioned it, except to a couple friends and relatives, but a couple months later, a couple teenage girls reported seeing a Bigfoot in nearby Washington County (I'm not sure exactly where). The Sheriff's office investigated and an officer claims to have seen the creature as well. I believe the story was in the Post-Star Newspaper, but I cannot find an online archive of articles from the paper. I cannot remember the year, but it was during the very late 70's or early 80's.

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