Bigfoot Encounters

Monroe County, Tennessee
Cherokee National Forest
Late 1980's

Was this a Sasquatch?

A reader writes:
I am having trouble writing this, because I do not recall the events of this night in full exacting detail. It was in the mid to late eighties, and my mother, my stepfather, my brother, my cousin, and I were night fishing in a spot that we had never fished before. It is an area that is along the main road, and had a big ridge running behind where we were fishing. I should also point out that the lake is on both sides of the road, and that it isn't very far the way the crow flies to the Cherokee National Forest. I live in S.E. Tennessee. The incident occurred in Monroe County, although that is not the county I live in.

It was late at night, and everything seemed still. The fish weren't biting real well, and we were contemplating going home. We had been hearing sounds in the leaves on the ridge behind us, but passed it off as rabbits or something. Then my stepfather, or brother shined a light toward where the sounds were coming from, and was alarmed to see a pair of orange glowing eyes looking back at us. We then, as you can imagine started quickly loading the van back up to get out of there. I might add that my stepfather and brother are not easily frightened, but they were clearly uneasy.

As we were leaving, a really loud bang scared the wits out of us all as something landed on the roof of the van. We quickly made it home only to get out and find a very large rock on top of the van. Much too large I feel to have been thrown by someone. I might also add that we could hear sounds like muffled talking, but without any discernible words. We also prior to that event, could hear sometimes at night, what we called a "varmint". It made a sound that none of us had ever heard before. It would be in the woods below our house, then, in just a matter of seconds, be quite a bit away from where it started. I recorded the sound on tape one night, my stepfather took it to some old mountain-raised men, and they said that they had never heard anything like it before either. I would like to remain anonymous, as reporting a possible Bigfoot encounter around here would unleash a load of gossip, and ridicule from the people around here. You can e-mail me if you have any questions or whatever. But I was just wondering, could either of these two incidents be related to Bigfoot?

I have read where they do throw rocks at people and make strange noises. Would be very interested in your response. Thank you, G.Mc.

Friday, March 08, 2002 12:24 AM

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