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Franklin County, Missouri   
January 1, 1969 - Sullivan Independent News

"Man pumps 9 rounds into "Momo" from point blank range"

Washington County Sheriff Pete Floros reported that shortly after 2am on Thursday morning, he and members of the Sullivan Police Department and the Franklin County Sheriff's Department responded to a call in the Hamilton Hollow area, just south of Meramec State Park… Meramec State Park is a 6896-acre state park owned and managed by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and is located in Franklin County, Mo.  

About a dozen officers spent almost two hours searching through the woods for a wounded "beast" that Arbie Boyer of Route 4, Sullivan, said he shot. Mr. Boyer told the officers he pumped 9 rounds at point blank range from a .22 caliber long rifle semi-automatic pistol into the chest of a seven foot tall hairy animal which he said was within 20 feet of the front door of his home. He showed the officers where the first shots were fired and they found the empty shell casings on the ground and were taken as evidence.

Mr. Boyer said the animal walked upright with its' head almost met its' shoulders and no visible neck and that the arms hung by its sides almost too where the knees should be. He said it was brown in color and appeared to be covered with matted hair.

After the shots were fired, the animal turned and slowly walked away. Boyer said at that time he ran back inside the cabin/house and returned in time to get off one shot from a 45/70 caliber rifle, which he said hit the beast in the area of its right shoulder.

Officers were unable to find sufficient tracks in the dark of that very cold winter morning and gave up the search shortly after 4am. Boyer was able to draw a rough sketch of the beast and what he described fit the description known in this area of the country as the Missouri “Mo Mo,” Bigfoot or Sasquatch.

Article courtesy Washington County Sheriff Pete Floros
April 2009

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