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Coconino County, Arizona's Mogollon Rim Country
Broken Mirror Campground June 25, 2009

Our sighting occurred on Thursday night June 25th around 11:15pm. Earlier in the day Thursday I set up a tent at BMCG (BMCG is a synonym for Broken Mirror Camp Ground a unmarked campground where a log throwing incident occurred in 2007 and broke the mirror off of a Van.) to hold the place for the weekend and planned on returning Friday.

Polecat and I decided to go back that night and got started from Heber, Arizona around 10:30pm. We reached the 91/40 junction around 11:15pm and turned left on 40. At approximately .5 miles the road turned right just a few degrees and limited a group of large trees mostly Ponderosa and a couple of large white pines with groups of small samplings limiting the vision of the ground.

I think we both saw the movement at the same time but I remained silent until she said "Did you see that?" I said, Yes I saw it.  I saw a large object about 5-6 feet from a large tree move directly behind the tree at a distance of 100yds. The color was a dark brown and did not match the tree it went behind. It appeared to be a solid color with no noticeable feet because the small saplings were blocking the lower part.

My headlights were set for pulling a trailer so they are pointed down more than I like so I did not notice a head, it just move behind the tree in about 2-3 seconds in a smooth move and stopped. The width appeared very wide maybe twice as wide as myself. The height could not be accurately approximated because the lights were set low. No leg movement but it was definitely tall and a possible bipedal because I have seen many elk in a similar sighting and never did stop behind a tree and hide. You would see either the tail or head.

This object stopped behind the tree I would approximate at 30-36 inch diameter and nothing was showing on either side of the tree. I stopped and backed up a few feet and turned the truck towards the tree and used the shoulder of the road to raise the lights.

We waited about 5 minutes and saw nothing else so we moved on down the road. Now I wished I would have thought to get out the night vision and 10mcp spot and tried to use a camcorder but you know how you think of these things after the fact and at the time I had no firearm.

I really regret I did nothing else, maybe because of the thought of safety and my girlfriend.  I did ask her if she saw any features and she said she saw what appeared as a head but no eye shine just before the movement and the approximate height was 7 feet so she did see it before I did.

She is younger than me and I did not have on my driving glasses. My vision gets blurry beyond 1000 feet. 

November 13, 2009

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