Bigfoot Encounters

Mendocino County, California

I am new to the internet, but have been interested in the existence of a large bipedal hominid in regions of the world since I saw one in 1970. At the time my folks owned some property on the edge of the Round Valley Indian Reservation in Mendocino County, California. Their property overlooked the south fork of the Eel River, affording an unobstructed view of the northern bank.

While watching (through binoculars) a herd of about 15 wild hogs of various sizes, approximately a half mile away I noticed movement higher up-slope, and focused in time to watch a man in what appeared to be a fur coat, walk briskly across a meadow of about 40 yards in circumference. Two odd things immediately struck me.

First, this occurred in early August at around 4 pm. The temperature was in the mid to high 90's. Yet here was what appeared to be a large man, maybe 6 ft tall moving rapidly in the full light of the sun in a long closely fitting fur coat. Second, I was quite familiar with the area and knew that there was no road of any kind within 2 miles of that section of the Eel River.

In addition, the terrain was quite steep ad rough. My conclusion at the time was one of wonderment. I mentioned the man to friends and family and over the next few years began to become acquainted with the bigfoot/sasquatch/ABSM and the Alma etc., phenomenon.

Looking back, I am now convinced that what I saw was either a female bigfoot or a young adult. I base this conclusion upon the fact that the size of the "man" I saw was not impressive. What was impressive was his ability to move over rough terrain with such ease and in the heat of an August afternoon.

No one who is familiar with the trackless expanse of the American Northwest can have any doubt that unknown creatures could exist there. My opinion is that the more intelligent a creature the more likely he is to remain less well know. But even with a higher intelligence this creature has allowed itself to be observed. It is only a quirk of history that no hard evidence has fallen into the right hands at the right time. I believe that many pieces of hard evidence have been found and through ignorance, have been stored in museums collections, personal collections, lost or destroyed.

As I stated, I am new to the internet and so do not know proper procedures. I have included my own sighting here for the first time just because I have found this sight interesting and as a way of showing support both for your continued efforts as well as for the continuance of open mindedness.

George Dekle, Santa Rosa, California
20 July 1997

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