Bigfoot Encounters

Marion County, Texas

Marion County, Texas (Nearest City: Jefferson)
Late Fall near (Lake o' the Pines, Caddo Lake, Kellyville RD 1, FM 728)
Informant doesn’t remember the exact year but has GPS: 32.806647, -94.416440

I don't exactly remember when this happened, just that it was in the fall. At that time I lived in Marion County, Texas, and was out in the woods with my cousin. We were on our way to my older brothers fort when we saw something that has changed our lives ever since. First I think I'll give a little background.

My older brother was in high school at the time and was into cryptozoology. Because of this I was mildly interested because he would tell me stories that he hoped would scare me. I was around 8 or 10 so pretty much could scare me. Now we lived in the Piney Woods so we were used to weird sounds and all sorts of critters. So me and my cousin who's only 2 years older then me would regularly go out walking on the woods. To get to my brother's fort you had to go through some thick woods before you got to a point were the trees thinned out. After that was a good slope with a creek at the bottom, then a slope back up. His fort was at the top of this slope.

For some reason there was a lot of big rocks in this area. We would use them for cover when we would "fight" with each other. But when we came out of the thicker woods we noticed something behind one of these rocks. This rock is maybe 2-3 feet tall. When we stopped and looked at it to see what it was, it stood up. It was maybe 6 feet tall, black hair and long arms. As soon as it noticed us it turned and ran away really fast. This all happened within a few seconds. The first thing we did was look at each other. Both our faces were pale white, and at the same time we said "Bear!" We ran through the woods home as fast as we could. Now if you've ever been in East Texas and have tried going through some of those woods you can understand how big of a deal tis is. We got home yelling "Bear! Bear!" The only one home was my brother. He asked what we saw; we described it for him. He only replied with a "That's no bear." We waited for my parents to get home and they said it was probably a bear.

After several years of looking into it the only thing that matches what I saw was a juvenile Sasquatch. This happened in fall so it might go with the theory of migration according to season. Ever since we saw what we saw, I have not been able to go in deep woods by myself anymore. My cousin, who used to spend time outside all the time, never ever does anymore. This experience changed our lives. And sometimes as I go down a road just south of our sighting location, I sometimes get that ominous feeling of being watched. And it’s different then when you make that feeling up. What makes it worse is that I know its out there.

A. A.
Monday, November 10, 2008 7:13 PM

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