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Rock Throwing incident: Mad River, Trinity County, California

Mad River, Trinity County, California
Trinity/Shasta National Forest

Year not given... area map uploaded below...

When I was 35 yrs old, I was visiting my twin brother who at the time lived on the Mad River in Arcata, CA, near Eureka. (He later moved near Willow Creek). We were deer hunting high in the Trinity/Shasta National Forest in thick forested area with a lot of ferns under the pines. We left the truck and walked down a jeep trail in the late afternoon.

We decided to split up. My brother, Dan, continued down the trial. It turns out Dan continued for about 0.5 mile. I decided to set-up above the trial on a hairpin turn, above a creek bed. It was completely silent in those woods. After about 20 minutes my hair all of sudden stood on end, because I felt there was something behind me in the ferns and forest. I repeatedly looked back into the dark forest but could not see anything.

Then, about 5 minutes after feeling uncomfortable, a large rock (probably weighing 30 lbs) was hurled (by something) into the creek bed below me making a huge crashing sound. The creek bed was only about 20 yards from me, scaring the living you-no-what out of me. Again, complete silence.

I decide to head back to the truck, frightened. While walking back to the truck I thought one explanation was that my brother was playing a joke on me. I waited at the truck for about 40 minutes and finally he comes walking up. I told him that was very funny what he did. Dan had no idea what I was talking about. Dan was hunting a half mile away down in the canyon.

I have hunted deer in California since 1975, as well as Colorado, Arizona, Texas, and New York. This was the creepiest thing that every happened to me. I personally think it was a Big Foot creature that hurled the large rock into the creek bed. It is possible the creature threw the rock over my head into the creek bed.

I have a MS and PhD in Organic Chemistry from Arizona State University. I own a private laboratory in Scottsdale, Arizona.

David K. Luttrull, Ph.D.
August 14, 2008

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