Bigfoot Encounters


This email was originally called "The 1988 Cement Monster" and sent to Doug Trapp ( who forwarded it on to me for reference use on this California Sightings website. ...Thanks to Doug, and also to Peter Guttilla who verified the connection from his extensive case files and knowledge of this general desert location for me. Gentlemen, my appreciation. ..Bobbie

I really liked your page on "The Desert Bigfoot." I used to be stationed at Twenty-nine palms from '86 to '89. I spent a lot of time in the Joshua Tree Monument, but never saw anything of real interest if you know what I mean.Where I did see something was with my Marine buddy Mike, in the spring, March of 1988 after leaving Big Bear Lake.

We had been snow skiing all day at Big Bear. Now as you probably know, the quickest way to get back to Twenty-nine palms is to take the shortcut route through the desert, I believe it goes through or very near Apple Valley. It eventually comes in the back way to Yucca Valley after passing through Landers.

Yes, now you know the highway right? Okay here goes one of the coolest things that I ever saw during the 1980's!Mike and I had just left Big Bear. It was about 9:00 p.m.

We were completely down from the mountain and just entering the desert, still kinda going downhill. On the right hand side of the road there is a cement factory sort of all by itself. There isn't any civilization around for about 10 miles or so which isn't uncommon for the Mojave Desert. Mike was driving, I believe I saw it first. From the left side of the road something very large seemed to stand up on two legs and run across the road. The bottom half looked human covered with hair, the top half wasn't very visible, but appeared monsterish, scary in other words. The headlights only got the bottom half, and the damn thing ran out about 150 feet in front of us. It made it across the road in three strides. I distinctively remember seeing the arms pumping back and forth just like any of us would do if sprinting across the road in front of a car. It appeared to be 8 feet tall.

Now for the interesting part. I didn't say anything, I just kinda glanced over at Mike. He just kinda glanced back at me. Then we both looked right at each other, "What the Hell was that!" I said, "That was the Cement Monster, after him!" Mike slammed on the brakes and turned around.

I started digging through the glove box looking for his wife’s pistol. I said, "Go down that dirt road," still looking for the pistol. About 300 feet down the dirt road was the old cement factory, but no sign of the thing that ran out in front of us. So we drove around a little but didn't see it.

We talked about it a few times before our enlistment’s were over. The strange thing is that we just accepted that we had simply seen some sort of a prehistoric man, and that was that, and it was no big deal, and maybe some day we might be privileged enough to see another.

I live in Texas now too.
Ken Fox

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