Bigfoot Encounters

Little River State Beach, Humboldt County, Northern California

Two summers ago, the wife and I were camped along the Little River State Beach, just North of McKinneyville, California. I’ve been retired for 5 years now, my age is 70. We had been there with family and some friends and had just finished surf fishing along about dusk I believe it was.

Four of us were sitting around the picnic table, relaxing, talking. Sarah brought to my attention a man strolling at a pretty good clip from the direction of the highway towards the ocean. I nudge my brother-in-law and said, "hey Everett, look at that (deleted) guy, naked as a (deleted) jay bird."

We all turned to look, this guy was huge, covered with hair, or in a costume, don’t know which and really moving about 30 feet away from us. We all agreed he must have been about 7 feet tall or better. Must have weighed better than 600 pounds, because me and Everett’s combined weight is 500+ and this guy was much bigger than two of us put together. The wife noted he was a candidate for an ugly contest, looking much like a (deleted) ape if you know what I mean. He was a hell-bent on getting some where fast and the only place in front of him was the Blue Pacific.

Sure enough we watched him charged out into the ocean and disappear into the darkening waters. We took a high beam flash light and went to take a look. The tracks in the sand must have been two of my feet long and some wider. So as we know we were not seeing things. If that don’t beat all the (deleted) experiences I had in life, I don’t know what do. My son-in-law found your website on his computer, we have read the Ancient Mysteries narration and I think we seen a Bigfoot by chance. We was to stupid to be afraid at the time, but after reading your web page, don’t think we’ll be fishing California no more. We think the (deleted) bastard may have drowned itself.

F.L. Munroe, Jackson, Mississippi.

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