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Lee County, Florida - November 2009 w/track photos...

On the morning of Oct 5th and 6th, 2009 a friend and myself were hog hunting on State land in Lee County, Florida. We came across a number of large footprints that do not appear to be man made; they are in a remote area.

I have been a hunter of deer & wild hogs in the Florida swamps for a number of years and have never come across anything that look like these before. My hunting buddy stated that he had seen prints like this in the same area about 10 years ago.  

We did take pictures as well as I measured & cast molds of these footprints. (This is in no man's land, no humans around) What we found are juvenile skunk-ape (bigfoot) tracks that range from 12" long to 8" long. In reviewing the tracks, there is apparently at least 6 different sets; six distinctly different sets of tracks in that length range.  The 12" track sunk down into the soil one & a half inches where mine imprint barely a quarter of an inch. This individual must be heavier than me; I am 6' tall, 240 lbs. I tried jumping but couldn't accomplish the depth of the 12" track imprint; it must be twice my weight - at approx 480lbs. I forgot to measure the stride, but I could not duplicate the length of step.

After casting these tracks, I methodically destroy the tracks and have found new tracks in the same area again the next day. The most recent sent here Saturday November 21, 2009. 

The area where this was found is swamp-like land, with cranes, birds, deer, wild hogs large & small, turtles and gators. There appears to be areas where they have been digging for snails and crawdads; I have seen evidence these juveniles have been eating these.  In another area there was additional evidence that one of them crossed over two roads where there are oysters then carried the oysters back over the same two roads sat down and shelled them in an area where there are no oysters. Something carried those oysters there.

I really believe that this is something and would like to share this information with someone who cares, who won't ridicule and might be able to help give a answer to what we have found and seen.  

Lee County, Florida

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