Bigfoot Encounters

Mt Lassen, Lassen County, California
April 1997

I write to say these Bigfoot websites are interesting, especially those which list sightings in California. I wish to add to your coverage. Some of your reports seem old, but my husband and I know of repeated occurrences which most town folk won't speak to outsiders about. It is an understood written code of silence. We have never understood this. We have friends residing in Willow Creek and Weaverville who refuse to join such conversations. I have read your pages, those you have linked to it, and read as many books as I can get my hands on.

The subject of Sasquatch has long been of wonderment to us. We are just your average couple, both teachers and make our home close to the city of Fortuna on the coast of California. We take outings in and around the areas of Mt. Shasta's eastern slopes on Spring breaks and during the summer months.

I forget the exact year, but I think it was about the end of the Viet Nam era when we first caught sight of Sasquatch. Maybe 1974. The last visual was last summer (1996). Our camp is usually the same, the east side of Sugarloaf Peak. The area is located between roads 44 and 299 east of Enterprise and some north of 44 by Old Station just off of SR 89.

Nothing is mentioned in the way of sightings in this area on your page, but it is a well known area for watching the Sasquatch. They are real, yes they are big fellows but evidently timid and completely unafraid of humans. We have heard them communicate with thunderous bellowing. I'm not certain how science has classified them.

We have read that certain areas designate Sasquatch as endangered species, yet the Government does not acknowledge their existence. Such confusion and contradictions. I would like to know why.

The Forestry Service laughs, but we know they also have seen them in and around Silver Lake, Juniper Lake and Butte Lake areas of Lassen. Yet these sightings go unreported.

We have seen a Sasquatch clutching a jack-rabbit once and otherwise minding their own business going about whatever it is they go about doing. Contrary to some reports we read, these are not always nocturnal. With regard to your website reports, let the scoffers have their day, no amount of ridicule will change our minds. We know Sasquatch exists.

You may post this if it helps, but please, no email address, just sign me Patty, no relation!
The photo is of Butte Lake, Lassen County, California

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