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Lane County, Oregon 2008 Labor Day Weekend...

This is my wife's BF experience...
My name is Jesse, and my wife’s name is Victoria. Just to get it straight up front, I am the bigfoot lover. Meaning I am the one who is fascinated by the big guy. My wife I know just humors me when I talk about him. So to say she believes but has not done any type of research. She just goes on what I tell her and even then she does not really pay attention.

Well it was this past labor day week end in 2008 that this experience developed. Me and my family live on the coast in Florence, Oregon in Lane County.

As everybody know this weekend is usually a very busy holiday for campers and outgoing people. So we figured that our favorite camping spot would be taken so we didn’t plan to even pack up to go camping.

That Saturday me, my wife and my two children decided to go to our favorite spot to do some blackberry picking. We drove the thirty some miles to the town called Swiss Home, Oregon. This is also still in Lane County. It was only three more miles to our favorite spot.

I am still relatively new to the state and don’t know the name of the river that we go to but I am sure if you look up the area on a map you will find it. (
Siuslaw River) Any way when we went there, we were surprised that the whole area was empty except for a few RV’s that were parked about two blocks from our usual camping spot.

The layout of the area is very beautiful. It is heavily wooded and has mountains all around. Our favorite camping spot is just off of hwy 36, it’s more like a large pick nick area, that is off to the side of the road and down about two or three blocks. Any way we drove to a spot that is close to the river so the kids could go swimming and me and the wife could just sit and relax. Because the place was empty me and the wife decided that me and my son should go back to town and get the tent and some overnight stuff and bring it back so we could at least spend one night. So me and my son did just that. About two hours later we returned and this is what my wife told me.

First she told me that the park ranger stopped by about ten minutes after we left and made her put out the fire that we had built and said that there was a ban on. That explained why most of the campground spots were empty, so my wife did what she was told.

About 20 minutes after he left my wife and my daughter went and picked some berries. My daughter was just playing around and she decided to pick up a stick and started to bang on a tree. As my wife told me this I started to chuckle, she looked at me kind of irritated and I told her to keep on telling me what happened.

She continued to tell me not long after my 14 yr old stopped knocking with the sticks, she heard a very weird scream come from across the river. By now I started to laugh. She told me she knew that it wasn’t a human and she never heard a bird make that sound. She then told me that rocks started to splash into the middle of the river, so I told her to show me where she saw the rocks land. She did so and said that she saw the rocks fall from the sky and land. She said that these rocks were about softball size. As I looked from across the river I realized that the incline of the other side was to steep for humans to stand there and throw rocks without losing their balance. I mentioned this to her and that’s when she told me that she thought about that also and she started to look for someone doing this and saw no one. I then started to laugh and said how she never really listens to me. She got kind of mad and asked why I say that. I told her that she just had a classic bigfoot experience. She then said well she was not going to sleep there if we couldn’t have a fire and made us pack all the stuff up and head home.

This was our experience of the summer,
Jesse and Vicki

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