Bigfoot Encounters

Lake County, Minnesota
Isabella, Just outside Superior National Forest
Lower North McDougal Lake, MN Hwy 2
July 2002, 9 PM


This is an auditory report, not a 'sighting' - listed under 'stories' not encounters or sightings.

My mother, mother-in-law, and my wife and I and three year old son were sitting on a screened porch on the back of our cabin talking after the long drive up from the Twin Cities. My in-laws built this cabin about three years ago and we've spend many evenings out on the porch listening to the sounds of the forest.

At about 9:00, during a pause in our conversation, we heard what sounded like a whistling call in the woods adjacent to the cabin. Approximately six up-down sets of notes (hard to describe a whistle in writing!). My mother-in-law, a devout bigfoot skeptic, was the first to comment that it was a sound she had never heard before and one that did not sound like a bird. She's usually quite observant of the local wildlife and keeps several books around the cabin to help identify new birds, etc. Her exact words were that it sounded more like a person than a bird. We sat quietly for a moment and heard it again. It sounded fairly close, but exactly how close would be impossible to say. It didn't sound as far away as the road (approximately 150 feet) or the neighbor's cabin (approximately 250 feet).

After the second call, we were commenting on how unusual it was and not at all bird-like when I heard a return call in the distance. The return call was identical to the closer version, but was perhaps a bit shorter (maybe only four up-down sets of notes). After discussing it later, I found out my wife also heard the return call. After a short while, we heard the whistle for a third and final time with no return call I could identify.

None of us have ever heard the whistle call before nor did we hear it again the following two nights we were at the cabin. We speculated that the whistling could have been the neighbor calling his dog in, but we later found out he was not home that weekend.

The following night was unusually quite. We didn't hear any noises whatsoever, even from the wetlands to our east. Usually, we can hear ducks, loons, frogs, crickets, etc. We all commented on the unusual quietness of that night.

Also, our dogs were unusually reluctant to go on walks. Especially the older one who had to be dragged off the front porch and who continuously pulled back in the direction of the cabin.

Rocky, gravely soil. Heavily wooded with dense undergrowth. Hilly but not mountainous. Encounter took place quite close to North McDougal Lake witch is on the Stony River.

Creature_description: Didn't see anything...but notified MN Bigfoot Websites

Brian Brown
Sunday, July 21, 2002 4:22 PM


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