Bigfoot Encounters

Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania

Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania
(about two hours out of Scranton)

My name is Xxxxx Xxxxx and I am an eight year veteran of the US Army with a clearance to lose, so please keep my name out.

Sometime in 2001, my now ex-wife and I were driving toward Scranton PA on Highway 81. It was late at night; my wife and I were talking to help break the monotony. I had just noticed a very dark object leaning over the edge of the road as we drove pass.

We passed extremely close to the object-close enough for me to feel shocked to see a large hairy section of well muscled leg and a big hairy wrist and hand as the creature turned and strode down the embankment as we passed. (The area we were driving through was through a mountainous section of PA) - the incline he had to have gone down was several hundred feet at a very sharp angle)

My wife screamed and grabbed me. I slammed on the brakes and reached for my 20 gauge mag shotgun - my wife screamed again and hysterically told me no way in hell was I getting out of the car. I tried my best to tell her, hey, I'm combat trained, I have a weapon, I just had to see what the hell it was! But she would have none of it and kept freaking out.

In disgust, I drove off mad at the world for letting me get a tiny glimpse of one the world's greatest mysteries - what a tease the whole thing was! I wanted to see the entire thing for myself - but what can I say. It looked like a linebacker with a serious hair issue! I would estimate it to have been a least 7-8 ft tall. 

What really surprised me was the attitude of the thing - no fear of our vehicle at all. My wife and I have both seen bear before and agreed it was not a bear. What bear can walk down a decline on its hind legs? I spent the rest of the trip staring out the window, wishing I had seen more of whatever it was.

Saturday, May 30, 2009 6:52 PM

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