Bigfoot Encounters

Klamath County Oregon

The night I saw what I saw it was quite dark. I could make out the gravel road my car was parked on, and the tall trees that came to the edge of the road, but little else.  I was trying to sleep in my tent and the gravel throwing had become such a pain in the butt that I was determined to do something about it, what I was to do however, I just wasn't sure, but something. 

I really didn't figure I'd really see the rock thrower, still not sure what was going on in my head at the time, besides being angry about the loss of sleep, the bigfoot might of thought it was funny, I didn't. So as I crawled onto the gravel road and pulled myself to an upright position from the bumper of my car, you can imagine my surprise to be looking straight at a huge dark, man-like figure standing at the other end of my car.

I've been an outdoor man all my life and know my way around the mountains pretty good. I suppose my first thought was a bear, but only for a second or two as I could see well enough to make out a very large man-like figure. The minute or so we looked at each other, neither of us moved. I did put my hand on my pistol, I guess that was just a human reaction, but I really never felt in danger, maybe cause this was an on-going thing and not something new to me.

You ask about his facial features, it was just too dark, plus we were face to face, perhaps had he been at a different angle I might have seen more, but all I remember was a very dark round like face. He was a good deal taller than me and seemed to have no neck, or at least a very short one with large sloping shoulders. I could make out hair or a hair covered body. I would like to mention something more recent to you, that’s finding several small half mooned sized caves that were all on a well-traveled trail here in Klamath County, they are still in tall timber but only 20 to 25 miles into the mountains, closer to a river and at the base of a long ridge, here in Klamath County. The caves were shaped like half-moons with a fairly large entrance that only went back 15 to 20 feet getting smaller as you went further in, they had pine branches piled on top of each other and looked like beds to me and not one sign of a human like candy wrappers, cigarette butts and so forth. Just pine branches inside, nothing else, plus they looked to me as though something very large had bedded down in them. I guess what really caught my attention was the base of the branches were about the size of a big man’s wrist or for arm and had been broken and pulled off the tree, the stringers of pine boughs showed that. In any event, this is what I saw, smelled, and heard.

I left Oregon for a while and went to work for the big gold company's in the 1990's and got hurt. Now I have a bad leg and really can't mine, as gold mining is really hard work. I didn't know a bigfoot had been killed in Plumas County, you'd think news that big would have been everywhere, or maybe it was and I just missed it. I suppose I could have shot the one on my claim, just didn't seem right. I know it needed to be done in order to protect it, but still it didn’t seem right. You see my mom was Chiricahua Apache and my dad was white, so some times the Indian thing gets in the way, so to speak, also while I now live in Klamath I was born and raised in the Hill Country of Texas, mostly on ranches, and was taught not to kill anything I didn't plan on eating, or if in danger from it. I really don't know what made me write to you, I just came across your site and thought Why not?!

Thanks again for the nice reply.
Charlie Norton
Klamath Falls, Oregon
July 29, 2012

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