Bigfoot Encounters

Wailaki Campground, King Range, California  

Strange Sounds - Big Foot? Occured in CA the evening of Sept 13, 2001

Humboldt County, California
Sept. 14. 2001

Last night, my girlfriend and I were camping in King Range (NW Coast of California) at the Wailaki Campground with only one other set of campers. We heard a very distinct thumping sound of heavy foot steps in the area about 11PM-1AM.

Interestingly, we were both a bit scared at the time and did not want to scare each other by guessing what the sound might be. The next day, on the way home, we spoke about it. We both immediately concluded it had to be something capable of heavy foot steps. Having both experienced multiple bear encounters we could easily rule out a big bear or other similar four legged beasts. As a result of the experience, we both very quickly shifted from Big Foot skeptics to interested parties. Having read some information on the web, it seems a possible "hearing" of Big Foot is uninteresting given all the sightings. Nevertheless, I felt confident enough that these unexplained sounds may in fact be valid and therefore felt compelled to share them.

The sounds were roughly 1.5 seconds apart and were quite heavy, much more than a human could be. We both got a good listen given we were in our sleeping bags (ears near the ground) at the time. We both independently thought footsteps must belong to that of a sizeable creature. If I had to guess, I would say the weight would be around 500 lbs and possibly more. The direction was unclear however I suspect the distance was within 100 feet and probably were 40-50 feet at the closest point.

I did exit the tent briefly to relieve myself at a nearby tree during this time. The sounds came to an immediate halt. I could not see anything with my headlamp.

I might have contacted the nearby campers regarding the incident, however they had left earlier that morning.

Although I was able to find plenty of information in terms of what Big Foot looks like, I was unable to find information regarding walking sounds to confirm my suspicions.

Any information provided would be welcomed. Also, if you think we could have heard something else, please offer an explanation. I am seeking to explain the incident.

Scott Phillips

14 September 2001,
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