Bigfoot Encounters

Kezar Falls, Oxford County, Maine

In 1977 I was with a couple friends who owned a camp in Kezarfalls and across the street lived two Native Americans, Curtis and Howard. Any old locals could tell you that they were true Indians! Anyway, it was morning and the snow was roughly 3 ft. deep. We always stop to check on them prior to going across the road to the camp.

Curtis would always feed the animals in the early morning hours. This one morning he was gathering food for the animals when he heard what sounded like a child crying outside. The crying continued; finally Curtis went to the door. Upon opening it up, he saw a tall black hair covered creature standing there. He said the creature screamed a screech-like that scared him and then ran off. He slammed the door and was afraid of the "thing" as he called it.

He told his brother Howard who told us he was really afraid of what he saw. These are two old Indians who grew up on that road all their lives. They are deceased now but were in their right frame of mind at the time. We did follow footprints across the road going through the camp we were staying at and through the back up until we reached a mountain then we stopped….roughly 1 mile behind the camp.

The terrain was snow, rocks, trees, and brush in a mountainous setting. We notified Rangers and friends. I am now grandmother and tell my stories to my grandchildren. I would love to go back to Kezarfalls just to see if the creature is still around.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

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