Bigfoot Encounters

Kern County, California - the Kern Valley 1973

Taken from a report in 1990 from Anthropologist, Dr. Constance Cameron, Ph.D.

After giving a talk about bigfoot at a local club, one of the members approached me with a personal experience.  She did not mention it during the question and answer period because she "never talks about it" except it seemed that I would "understand."

This happened in 1973 or 1974 in the Kern Valley near the Kern River, California.  The woman was 18 years old at the time and she was staying with a 17-year-old friend.  The girls were sleeping in an 8-foot trailer outside the friend's home while her two brothers were sleeping in another trailer nearby.

At about 2 a.m., the tailer began rocking and the girls decided to open the curtains, " scare the boys back."  Upon opening the curtains, they saw a 10-to11-inch wide face with glowing red eyes.  It had broad shoulders and that was all they could see.  They later estimated its height at approx. 8 feet.

The girls ran to the boys' trailer but the boys had already run into the house.  In the morning they saw that the trailer the girls had been in was tipped over. They gave a report to the sheriff in the morning and signed an affidavit. The sheriff said others had also reported sightings.  The witness remembers it as "very large" and that there were many newspaper reports of sightings in the area at the time.

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