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Keno Hill, Yukon Territory
Keno Hill, Yukon Territory
Summer 2000
 I am not sure which summer it was, maybe 5, 6 years back, the wife and I were returning from Keno Hill early one morning. Our coffee thermos was in the back of the truck, and it was my fault it was back there, she wanted coffee, so we stopped some miles before Elsa and got out to get the thermos and relieve myself on the side of the road.

There was a stand of trees there.  I wandered off a ways, walked way up there, I don't know just why I did that. It was there that I seen this bear sitting down at a carcass of elk, maybe deer, don't know what that carcass was for sure, not much left of it, no rack, mostly a skeleton, maybe a doe. I'm thinking it was black bear at first  sitting down beside the remains, but that be some unusual bear. Bears usually stand up and tear at their kill and eat it standing up, this bear sat there pulling at what was left of it. Way off in the distance there be a fox pacing back and forth awaiting its turn at the kill.  Just then my wife yelled at me to get myself back in the truck. The bear heard her and stood up on two legs looking in my direction. I fell backwards a bit at its size, by God I seen it was no bear, I believe it was a boq and it had a piece of something from the carcass clutched in its hand, I don't know what, looked like weeds. It stood there looking at my direction and the fox took off at a dead run.

The wife yelled again and this boq started waving its arms up and down and stomping forward on one leg at me. Damn, I couldn't make these legs of mine move. I seen that it was black and it was naked except for hair around the usual male parts, chest, arms and it was unshaved looking, the beard was long and scraggly with crud and stuff in the whiskers. It took a step to my direction and stomped a foot waving its arms like a crazed man might if he was high on something.

I fell back again and started crawling like a baby to the truck on my hands and knees finally was able to get up and run to the truck. I saw my wife looking big eyed at me coming. Behind me on the top of the area where the stand of trees was be that boq standing watching us get into the truck. We started the engine up and drove off leaving the damn thermos out in the middle of the road there.  My woman is Tutchone, First Nation Canadian and I am English and probably Mi'kmaq, though I was raised up an orphan by whites named the Thomas clan in a settlement near Nova Scotia. We married 38 years ago and her folk know the boq but we don't see any in our life time until that day. I was never taught about boqs, my woman told me what her people know.  It was a shock to both of us, the boq is a strange marvel, yes it is a strange sight. The wife says it is good to see one. I don't know how good having the sh*t scared out of me can be a great blessing, but she says so and I listened. We don't speak about this much, the wife is still mad because I lost the thermos of coffee. I could have been killed and she would still be mad about the thermos.  We don't own a computer, my friend here at the petrol stop looked up and found your website listed, so we tell you about this incident.
About the boq:  We are not sure on height, I was in shock when it stood up full size and not thinking clearly but I know it was maybe 8 feet up and features fitting to its size. At the time it could have been ten feet tall for all I noted. I don't know what it weighed, I didn't stop to ask, ha ha but it was sturdy, stocky and plenty of bulk.

I weigh 240# and a mid sized man. The boq must weigh double what I weigh. There was no sound except the stomping sound, no smell, was black and had whiskers and long straight hair like a woman down its back and shoulders, black like shiny.  There was nothing else around but a pacing fox, nothing else I can think of. I was sure it was a black bear before it stood up and started waving its arms and stomping.

My God I get hair on my neck when I think about it.  My wife said the boq is left overs from castout Indian tribe, most was killed or run off. Not many left since white men came here, and whats left is scattered and shy. They tell me the boq is skilled hunter and opportunist that works mostly after dark of night fall.   

Leonard Jack Thomas
Edited for readability and logged April 2005

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