Bigfoot Encounters

Kennedy Meadows, California 1970's

In 1999 retired CBRO Sasquatch hunter Rich Grumley recounted an investigation that occurred west of China Lake, California in the Sequoias. There was a mountain of a man who lived up there in a place called Kennedy Meadows by the name of Dink Getty. A wrangler of sorts, Getty ran a pack train of mules and horses, usually full of supplies up the trail and into the Lee Vining-Bishop area on the eastern slope of the Sierras.

Getty told 6' 5" tall Grumley that one night he heard a terrible commotion in the corral. The frenzied horses whinnied, kicked and stampeded about. Getty went on down there to check out what the tumult was all about and if a cougar or black bear was marauding about the surrounding 8 ft fence constructed of used telephone poles. Getty found 6 of his pack team dead, gutted in the corral yard. Nothing was appeared to be eaten or removed.

In the same Kennedy Meadows area, another man reported hearing his dogs during the night hours, loudly barking, yelping and thumping against the side of his mountain home. Suddenly everything became quiet. The man decided to get up and go out to investigate and found all the dogs dead, theorizing they had been swung by the hind legs and slammed up against the side of the house until they stopped barking by someone or thing unknown. There are no grizzlies in the Sierras.

© Retired CBRO Rich Grumley, Stockton, California 1999, Rich passed away shortly after he related this story to me.

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