Bigfoot Encounters

Lake Isabella, CA located in the Sierras

"We went to the Sierras northeast of Lake Isabella on Sunday, October 23, 1988, and there met an area ranger who said that two days following the sighting by bridge builders at the south fork of the Kern River two acquaintances of his, a wildlife biologist and a botanist, while camping in a meadow heard a loud scream that defied description.  Unwilling to hang around for an encore, the two men spent the rest of the night at a nearby ranger station and left the area the next day.

"Also on Sunday, October 23, 1988, we talked to a group of six hunters who'd been camping in the same area for the past week.  Two of the men said they'd been awakened around 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday mornings (Oct. 14/15) by a horrendously loud and echoing scream.  Experienced outdoorsmen, they were certain the sound wasn't made by a cougar, bear, elk, bird, or any wild animal known to them.  Another man in the group said that earlier in the week he'd seen a footprint approximately 15 inches long and showing 3 prominent toes.  He said he stepped over the print and then turned around to get a second look, scoffing at himself for thinking it could be a 'bigfoot' print. He dismissed it and moved on.  This print was seen in a rugged area accessible only on foot and about 7 miles from where the biologist and botanist heard their scream."

A report from the files of Peter Guttilla by Mr. and Mrs. Terry Albright, October 1988.

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