Bigfoot Encounters

Near Indianapolis, Indiana two witnesses see a hominoid
and believe they clipped it with their car...

by Scott Corrales

March 2, 2007    - The witness had just gotten off work early and was traveling down 200 North. One of his co-workers was traveling in front of him, a good 300 feet or so, when he noticed that he had swerved rather fast, so the witness expected a deer to come running out, but that was not the case.

What he saw was a black furred animal on two legs walking all hunched over…he quickly tried avoiding it, but he believes he clipped it with his back end.

He stopped, not sure what had just happened and started looking in his driver’s side mirror. He didn’t see anything for a few seconds, but then something stood up right behind his Explorer.

Terrified, the witness rolled down his window and could see the fear on his friend’s eyes, who confirmed that he had seen the same creature.

His friend started back to see it and heard it howling. The witness looked through the windshield and saw the creature trying to stand up on 2 legs again, but kept falling over; it eventually got on all 4’s and ran off into the woods.

The two men then got out of their vehicles to look around but did not see anything however they noticed a large fat mouse/gerbil looking rodent on the side of the road which was not afraid of them at all. They picked it up and put it off in the grass.

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Article sent to Bigfoot Encounters courtesy Peter Guttilla

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