Bigfoot Encounters

Humboldt County, Northern California

Karen and I met you and your cousin on Round Mountain Peak last September. Couldn't find your address but did find your website finally by AltaVista search.

We made the trek again this last January (1996) during one of the worst bad weather scenes we've ever endured on a free foot BP trek. This time we found tracks but were ill prepared to photograph them. We did have enough plaster to make a cast; melted snow and mixed as you said but the setting up process produces "heat" which melted the snow.

We were excited with a poor footprint cast (no dermals) which was in the same area as the howlings heard last summer. You were dead on about that! He was still in the vicinity which perhaps negates the migrating theory Karen previously voiced. I know you two had differences of opinion over our barefoot friends and the migration issues. Obviously Sasquatch made that same ridge crossing as he did last summer. Why this same path? Interesting, but again you were right on target. Where do you get your sixth sense about these Bigfoot things? Would like to tap into your source!

While oversized, the footprint looked very human as you will see, (we'll UPS it to you with a responding address, maybe you can decipher better than we can on this) it measures roughly 14 inches long, but the width isn't completely discernible being caught in sunlight and mud, with snow melting faster than the plaster would set up even with the heated water which only served to wreck the snow part of the print.

We also looked for traces of hair with magnifying glasses, but found nothing. The footprint must have been made while we were sleeping as we heard nothing. No sound, no screams as with last summer. Of course there was a rowdy slew of us to disturb them back then. This time we were the only ones stupid enough to be out in that kind of weather besides Sasquatch. Drop us a line after you get the cast.

We drank a bota bag of Mondavi to your health...and to keep warm. We would like to go with you next summer, but I know your feelings about too many people disturb and disrupt the forest tranquillity and ultimately our barefoot friends in their habitat. Would like your itinerary when available.

Marcus and Skeeter want to do a Sir Edmund H., backpacking trek up the north side of Shasta maybe next winter...above that 8000 ft level we discussed. Send mailing address. Until later, Karen & Skipper

. . .Sorry you had trouble finding me. Don’t send the footprint cast, it won’t change the way I see our friends and I’ve seen the foot prints before. Keep me posted on the Sir Edmund hike, …you really are nuts to do a foul weather trek up Mt. Shasta, good luck..…Bobbie

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