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Letter from Miami-Dade County, Homestead, Florida
Possibly Bigfoot? (It's doubtful, you decide...)

The following report occurred years ago and although I did not witness this first hand (but only as a viewer of a local news media televised report) at the time it is still with hope that this report could be of some added interest to your organization. Again thank you for offering this web site to your readers.

Here is the story as well as I can remember it (approx. 27 years ago..1983..)

Now if memory serves me right this incident happen during the summer of 1973. We lived on Homestead AF base, Florida and my spouse had just been transferred overseas right after the birth of our child and I was waiting to move overseas with him once he was settled. So the approximate time had to be around mid-July through September, 1973.

Additionally, I cannot remember exactly whether a hurricane was approaching or it had just passed our area but it was around this same time. But fortunately, I do remember that the hurricane did changed its course and headed north up along the eastern coastline bypassing our area. This could help to establish the time frame and verify when this incident occurred and to perhaps acquire a copy of the television news report if one was still available.
My mother (recently deceased) had traveled down from up north to visit and help out.

Now both my mom and I were watching the local news when the news station reported that a horse was killed near the Everglades, on or near some farm. (The place where this occur was by the southern Everglades area bordered near-by the base area)

The news report televised shown the horse’s head was completely torn off its body (ripped apart from the horse's body like a piece of paper). The horse’s body was intact and so was the head. The horse’s head was just lying separately from the body. The horse’s body shown no signs of scratch/claw marks, chain marks etc. An investigator, scientist, or biologist (cannot recall what his exact credentials were) stated that he believed it could have been possibly done by a Bigfoot who perhaps suffered some sort of personal loss (its mate dying for example). Also being reported and shown was that there were no signs of any other tracks (tires or heavy equipment) eliminating the possibility that the horse was mutilated by some sort of machinery or killed and dumped there as to seek some sort of retaliation to the owner of the horse. The investigator did point to a very large foot print in close proximity in the mud (which was reported and shown on air also).

I respectfully request that my name be withheld or my personal information not be published. You may use my initials.


Sunday, January 31, 2010 6:31 AM

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