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Herkimer County, Ohio, New York July 2008
BF crossing the road, witness gets good description...

This is my 2nd report on this site and it again takes place in New York in the town of Ohio. It happened to the son of a very good friend of mine. He's approx 25 years old or so. This sighting took place last year I believe around late spring or very early summer.

My friend's son was alone on a back road called Black Creek Road driving his car one night. As the car's headlights shown straight ahead he noticed a very large animal of some kind walk across the road in front of him a short distance ahead .

It walked upright on two legs and as I said was very large with long dark hair covering its whole body. It came from the right side and crossed over to the left side of the road (driver's side of the car). As he approached the creature it just stopped on the side of the road only a couple feet away from the edge of the road. As my friend's son passed the creature, he came within only a couple of feet from it and got a very good look at it.

He said it was very, very large about 7 feet tall extremely broad shouldered and must have weighed hundreds of pounds. What really caught his eye the most was the hair on the creature's arms. It was much longer then the hair on the rest of his body. 

As he passed by the creature it just turned his head and upper part of his body slowly and nonchalantly looked down into the car as he drove by. My friend's son sped away to his home where my friend also lives. My friend told me when his son came in the house he was very agitated and frightened. He told what had just happened to him but never told anyone outside of his family or close friends being afraid people would make fun of him.

I know my friend very well and he told me his son was truly frightened of what he saw that night and knows it was the truth. His son stated that there was no way the animal was someone creating a hoax.  

Terry Pomichter
Thursday, July 09, 2009

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