Bigfoot Encounters

Henry's Knob Mountain
Clover, South Carolina


Hello, my story is about separate sightings in South Carolina.

Years ago, Maybe 1977, or 1978 my sister claims that around the bottom of Henrys Knob Mountain in Clover South Carolina. It was late at night when she was in the car with her friend, whom she was dating that night. She told me that this huge hairy creature picked up the back end of the car they were in and was pushing them; her friend could not grasp hold of the steering wheel because it was thrashing so fast back and forth. My sister said the creature must have been about 9 feet tall. She and her friend were terrified when they came home to tell us this story.

Another sighting was at the trailer my other sister lived in that was around the same area. One night she and my sister said they heard very heavy breathing as if the trailer itself was breathing. That following morning my brother in-law walked around the trailer and found one huge footprint in the ground.

My niece has also had a sighting in the same town when she was very young. She said she saw a hairy creature in the woods and she saw it bite a kitten or a cats head off.

Also in York, South Carolina I visited a friend who lived in a wooded area, and they also had some pigs in the yard. It was late at night and she told me about the creature her dad told her about. We heard this strange noise in which I believe it was the Bigfoot Creature. It almost sounds like a cow like howling noise, like no other noise I had ever heard before. That was also years ago, but I do firmly believe that these creatures do exist; they are just way too fast and intelligent for someone to track down. Their gait when they walk is one thing but can you imagine them running? No wonder these creatures are spotted all over the place.

Another sighting my sister and her friend said they saw was in Sumter, S.C. back in 1998, they saw a huge hairy creature in the daylight standing beside the railroad tracks not far from Spanns Market in the Wedgefield Area.

Sometimes I wonder if bigfoot is tracking my sister.

From: mpmjr

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