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Hawkins County, Tennessee April 2009

April 23, 2009 Approximately 8:45pm
Hwy 70, Eidson, TN ( just below the Post Office)
Eidson is an unincorporated community located on Clinch Mountain in Hawkins County, Tennessee 

I was headed home from work traveling my regular route at about 45 mph headed North on Hwy 70, Eidson, TN. This hwy. connects Kyles Ford, TN with Rogersville, TN. The hwy crosses the Clinch Mountain Range and the Clinch River.

I was still in Hawkins County when suddenly something came from nowhere right in front of me in the road headed west. If you are at all familiar with the hwys and roads of East Tennessee, you will know that it is not uncommon for the roads to be narrow, without guards rails or shoulders, and straight down on one side and straight up on the other side. The point is, there is no where to pull over or off the road sometimes for miles.

This was the situation here. When this “thing” appeared in front of my car, my reflex was to hit the brakes and avoid it. I had no options but to skid to a halt in the middle of my lane. At the precise moment a vehicle was approaching from the opposite direction. It is also not uncommon to have your bright lights on and have to dim them quickly as the roads curve quickly and without warning of an on coming vehicle.

When the driver of the other vehicle saw me and I him, we both had our high beams on which totally illuminated the subject in question from both sides. I was able to get a very good look at it. I brought my car to a screeching stop leaving tire marks on the road and causing my briefcase to fly off the front passengers seat to the floor.

The other vehicle hit his brakes also and came to a easier stop right across from my driver side window. We both put our windows down and just looked at each other for a few seconds. I asked, “Did you see what I saw?” His response was, “What did you see?” This is the description I gave him.

It was a creature with human like form as if a large man running. I estimated taller than I making it maybe 6'3” or more. I am 6 foot. It was totally black and appeared to be covered with black hair. I say hair and not fur because with the illumination of headlights from both directions I could see through the hair as if it were being blown by the wind.

The creature was in a dead run so apparently the hair was affected by the force of the air as it ran. The hair gave the appearance of being about 3-4 inches in length. I did not see a face. Either it was turned from me or the skin and hairs were so black I could not distinguish features. The other driver concurred with me on the description.

The other driver's vehicle also had two passengers. They all witnessed it as well and concurred on the description, Then the driver asked me, “How many legs was it running on ?” I immediately responded, “Two!” At that time the passenger in his vehicle gave a little slug on the drivers arm and said, “I told you, two legs.”

At that time we both turned our vehicles so as to aim our lights up the steep embankment so see if we could see anything but with no success. At that time another vehicle was approaching, and since we were now blocking the entire narrow passage, we had to straighten our vehicles and get moving. I proceeded home.

April, 24, 2009 Approximately 3pm.
Location: Rogersville, TN (at my place of employment) 

I, knowing that one of our maintenance men live in the same general proximity of the sighting, was anxious to share my story with him. I began my tale with, “Jim, you'll never believe what I saw last night.” As I began to tell my story, he interrupted me and started to tell me that it sounded similar to the story his father-in-law told him last night. I asked Jim to tell me what his father-in-law told him and Jim was telling me information that only the driver and passengers of the other vehicle and myself would know since we were the only ones there. Synchronicity? I think so.

What are the chances of me working with a relative of the person(s) that encountered the same experience as I ? Jim told me that his father-in-law told him that when he stop opposite my car and looked at me, he said my eyes were as big as saucers and I had the look of total surprise on my face. Jim was able to reiterate the conversation I had with his father-in-law which verified to me that he indeed was the driver of the other vehicle.

During our conversation, the dietary manager, Jackie, heard us talking and stopped to listen. Then , when there was a break in the conversation she interjected, “Big Foot.” I looked at her and said, “Now don't start.” She, being a native of the area, informed us that for years there have been reports of similar nature in that same area often being referred to as “Big Foot.” I have yet to research this information.

About 20 minutes after news of our discussion had circulated throughout the facility, a CNA, Betty came to my office and told me of her experience earlier that night. Betty told me that around 5pm she and her husband, who live about 5-6 miles further down the nearby road from the sighting, had noticed what they thought was man in the distance on there property apparently trying to get access to one of their out-buildings. Betty's husband, Bob, went in the house and retrieved a rifle and let off a warning shot to ward off the would-be intruder. The trespasser fled in a run into the woods. Betty and Bob went down to the area the trespasser was and found nothing out of order however noticed some very strange foot prints in the slightly damp ground. Betty described the prints and being approximately 5-6 inches in diameter and sort of round. She said it was like the ball of the foot that would hit the ground running. Strangely enough, the foot was bare and had the imprint of 6 toes. What further puzzled both Betty and Bob was that there were obviously only two feet. The same two prints repeated several times.  

This is all the information I have at this time. I don't know what conclusions to make from all this but I find it very interesting that we have several collaborating story's that offer different information about a similar encounter happening in the same location and time frame. What do you think?

Sat Nam
Peace, David G.
Tuesday, April 28, 2009 4:52 PM

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