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The Harrison Sasquatch in Mystery Valley
behind 20 Mile Bay...BC
The home of the Harrison Sasquatch is reported to be in Mystery Valley in caves back of 20 Mile Bay, which stretches as far as Chehalis Lake with Lake Margaret in between; this is in British Columbia, Canada.

In 1935, so the story goes, two hairy giants came leaping down the jagged rocky hillside near Morris Valley and strode across the duck feeding grounds with the agility of mountain goats.

The giants walked with an easy gait across the swampy flats and at Morris Creek, straddled a floating log, which they propelled with their hands and huge feet across the stream to the opposite side. Mr. Gustav Tyfting of Agassiz saw the footprints of a big hairy man sighted earlier along with several others, which were followed across the garden and into the woods beyond where they lost the tracks.

The footprints were 16 inches long, eight inches across the ball of the foot, four inches across the heel, five toes, but no claw marks. The distance between the footprints was four feet between toe and heel all across the potato patch, about two inches deep in the wet ground. they were the shape of a human foot. 

Two prospectors returned to Harrison Hot Springs in June 1957 from a trip into the wilds of Harrison mountains and told of sighting a huge creature on Spuzzum glacier 30-35 miles northeast of Harrison . It had quite a human appearance. And so the stories go.
This has been an out-take from "Healing Waters, History of Harrison Hot Springs and Port Douglas Area" by author Belle Rendall...1981...

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