Bigfoot Encounters

Colorado Bigfoot sighting
Reported: Wed, 22 Mar 2000 18:48:39 -0600

What we saw a very large creature, at least seven feet tall, approx 350 pounds, with very long arms and took very long steps as he crossed along grassy slope. He stopped at a small group of pines at the edge of a shear bluff over Cebola creek. We each had scopes and binoculars and watched him for several minutes. My brother-in law had the best optics and was able to see his face. He saw white hair around its eyes and mouth and sad the eyes were yellow-orange. We each had cameras in our packs but were to stunned to remember them. The creature went to the edge and jumped.

He was never more than a hundred yards, on a very clear day in short grass. - This sighting was in Gunnison or Hinsdale County, Colorado {on the line] on about Oct. 10, 1983. We had not begun our hunt we were still backpacking in. I wish now we would have contacted someone, since we had it in a vulnerable spot. I have also thought may be it had a den there in the rocks. This area is on public land it's in the Powder Horn primitive area. There are no roads and no vehicles allowed. It's north east of Lake City and south of Powder Horn. We crossed Cebola creek at the Goojohn ranch and followed a trail up to about 11,000 feet elevation. Just east of Fish canyon.. We met it quartering our way and below us. It did not run but did increase it gait. I have been back twice since then in 1990 and 1992 and found one large bare foot track in a dry dusty trail. and large rocks freshly stacked on one another with the ground under them freshly scratched in. I have seen where bear have done this but did not stack them. I also found as mall grove of young aspen trees that were broken off five feet and the tips of the twigs eaten.

© "Ronnie McAffrey"
From the files of Bobbie Short

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