Bigfoot Encounters

Fort Bragg, California

As I recall, this happened in the mid 60s and occurred between Willits and Fort Bragg, California. I was walking a couple of miles thru the Redwoods to pick up our Division of Forestry survey truck. It was twilight when this occurred. What was really frightening was the stories going around about Bigfoot at the time.

The noise of the brush and small trees popping like twigs is scarey when you know what kind of strength it takes to do that in brush so thick a tractor would stall. But he just followed me for awhile and there was a herd of deer in a meadow and birds were singing.

There wasn't a feeling of menace or foreboding during most of my walk. In fact other than the temporary fright. It was almost tranquil and soothing. It might be that attitude is sensed by animals, because nothing seemed alarmed. I never have known a bear to move like that and I have never seen or heard anything like that before or since. I smelled no odor and no sound uttered.

I was working for the Division of Forestry for the State Of California surveying in Jackson State Forest.

Leonard Matsumoto

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